Rajab is one of the four sacred months of the Islamic calendar. Our cherished Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “Rajab is the month of Allah, Shaban is my month, and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah.” The value of the month of Rajab resembles the value of the remainder of the other sacred months. Allah Almighty says in the Noble Quran: (Lo! the quantity of the months with Allah is twelve months by Allah’s ordinance in the day that He made the heavens and the earth. Four of them are sacred: that is the correct religion. So off-base, not yourselves in them).” (Quran, 9:36)

Rajab is the seventh month of Hijri calendar. It’s meaning is to regard and also to eliminate. Allah Almighty has requested the Muslims not to wrong themselves (or others), especially in the four sacred months. This is indicated by Almighty Allah’s saying in another section of the Holy Quran: “Then, when the sacred months have passed, kill the misguided worshipers wherever ye find them” (Quran,9: 5). The month of Rajab is the way in to the months of goodness which follow it. For this explanation, Imam Abu Bakr al-Warraq said: “In the month of Rajab you sow the seeds, in Shaban you water them and in Ramadan, you procure the gather.” He also said: “Rajab resembles a wind, Shaban resembles a cloud and Ramadan resembles rain.”

The main occasion in the Islamic history which took place on this sacred month, on 27th of Rajab is the night of Isra or Shab e Miraj. In the night of Isra Prophet Muhammad (SAW) visited the heavens in a second. In the Holy Quran, it is referenced in these words: “Exalted is He who took His Servant by night from al-Masjid al-Haram to al-Masjid al-Aqsa, whose surroundings We have blessed, to show him of Our signs. Indeed, He is the Hearing, the Seeing.” (Quran, 17:1)

It is prescribed to look for forgiveness in the month of Rajab. Intentional Fasting in the sacred months, including Rajab, is also suggested. In such manner, Abu Dawud detailed that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Observe fasting for some days in the sacred months and leave fasting for other days.” One should begin doing great deeds in the twofold sum in request to get more awards in the month of Rajab. The compensation of good deeds increased in the sacred months, so it is prescribed to carry out however many beneficial things as could be expected under the circumstances. The Messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad (SAW) suggested fasting probably some days in every one of the sacred months.

Rajab is the way that prompts Ramadan, a pre-Ramadan with respect to as its blessings and its sacredness are concerned. May Allah SWT help us all to set ourselves up for the upcoming holy month of Ramadan. Ameen!

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