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Well, Muslim TTS is the best Muslim app that offers the Muslim prayer times, qibla direction, azan reminder, graph prayer tracker, Muslim prayer timings, and more for android device. Muslim TTS is an easy to use and it will help you to find prayer times, salah times get prayer reminders and Qibla direction

Prayer Times

Prayer Time

Get accurate prayer times according to your location

Open our Muslim prayer time section and you can find accurate prayer times on your current location and you can change the location manually. This Islamic app is your #1 solution to always have accurate prayer times and plan your praying times based on your location! The easiest to use Islamic application to get Islam prayer times & Muslim prayer times!

Sunrise Time

Sunset Time

Qibla Direction

Get qibla direction to mecca from anywhere

Find qibla from your current location at a glance using the Muslim TTS qibla finder feature. Our advanced qibla compass will help you navigate at a glance no matter your location. That’s why we are sure our Islamic app will be of extreme use when you are traveling. Our Muslim pro provides you with great tools for perfect praying.


Read the Quran every day

Do you like to have offline quran in your pocket? When we say we are the complete muslim app, we really mean it, that’s why we also included Quran features. Explore Al Qua’ran section and the quran text (Arabic text only), featuring 99 names Allah & 99 names Muhammad.


Do dhikr anytime

Now with our latest feature, you can easily count tasbih with simple taps. You are in control of the zihars too. Simply long press to update/delete any of the all available zihars or add your own by pressing the + button.


Increase your daily supplications

Recite the Duas from the dua section on Muslim TTS for each moment of your day.

Prayer Tracker

Track your prayer every day in the form of a beautiful graph

With great precision and UI, Muslim TTS has all the best features including an extremely handy prayer tracker! Track your prayers with Adda and Qaza features weekly or monthly and you can share this graph with your friends and family. Our advanced prayer tracker will keep you focused and help you to never miss a prayer. Organize smarter and make use of the powerful prayer tracker features of Muslim TTS.

More Features

99 Names




Daily Inspiration

Something more is coming soon, Inshaallah!!

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