Do you want to have qibla finder, Muslim prayer times, azan time & prayer tracker in one Islamic app?

Well, Muslim TTS is the best Islamic app that offers the prayer times, Qibla direction, azan, graph prayer tracker and more for android device. Muslim TTS is easy to use and it will help you to find prayer times, get prayer reminders and Qibla direction.

Open our Muslim prayer time section and you can find accurate prayer times on your current location and you can change the location manually. This Islamic app is your #1 solution to always have accurate prayer times and plan your praying times based on your location!Muslim TTS Home

Find Qibla from your current location at a glance using Muslim TTS qibla finder feature. Our advanced qibla compass will help you navigate at a glance no matter your location. That’s why we are sure our Islamic app will be of extreme use when you are traveling.Muslim TTS Qibla

Track your prayers with Adda and Qaza features weekly or monthly and you can share this graph with your friends and family. Our advanced prayer tracker will keep you focused and help you to never miss a prayer. Organize smarter and make use of the powerful prayer tracker features of Muslim TTS.

We are human and in the fast-pace stressful times, we can forget about praying. Muslim TTS is here to help you with that. Simply enable azan notification to never miss your prayer. Azan notifies you five times a day at the time of prayer time. This excellent prayer reminder is another great tool to keep you focused, besides the remarkable prayer tracker.

✅ excellent Islamic app with tonnes of handy features in 1 app
✅Qibla finder, Muslim prayer times, prayers tracker, azan times
✅ notifications and prayer reminder tool
✅ lightweight, well-optimized and fast Muslim app
✅ intuitive UI – very easy to use

Now it’s time to have a great Muslim app for all of your activities.
Don’t waste your time from 1 app to another and have separate apps for Qibla direction, prayer times, prayer tracking etc.
Have Islamic app for all your needs!
Show your love and support towards the best Muslim app!
▶️ Download Muslim TTS app for free and enjoy!

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